A written appraisal is a report giving an opinion of the value of an item at a given point in time.

Since 2008 Jay has appraised millions of dollars in fine art, antiques and other tangible personal property.  Jay solidified his commitment to professionalism in the appraisal of tangible personal property with the completion of the required examination in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice in 2008; a Congressionally-recognized set of appraisal standards promulgated by The Appraisal Foundation and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and in The United States Court of Law. 

Jay provides documentation for:

Fair Market Value

Probate (estate and asset planning)

Insurance (Damage and replacement value)

Purchase or sale assistance

Donation appraisals (for museums or non-profits) 

Buying and Selling

Where should I sell my antiques and other personal property?

Times of transition, including downsizing, moving, family transition and estate management can be overwhelming. Jay’s familiarity with the marketplace and his experience as an advocate advisor for his clients ensures successful disbursement of property.  He specializes in evaluating the unique needs of the individual and defining goals.  Depending on one’s priorities and timeframe he is able to broker or make a direct purchase.  Jay can also facilitate consignment to the most appropriate auction house or donation to a museum or non-profit institution.

Jay welcomes inquiries regarding the sale of fine art, antiques, jewelry, precious metals, furnishings and other tangible personal property.


Who would be the best specialist to restore a painting or piece of furniture?

Jay can assist you in the process of evaluating the condition of your object and navigating the restoration process, a complicated task even for those working in the field.  In laymen’s terms going to the wrong conservator is a bit like going to the wrong plastic surgeon; a successful outcome will be seamless and poor outcome will be disastrous.  Jay has spent the last twenty years cultivating relationships with some of the top conservators in the areas of paintings, works on paper, furniture and ceramics.  As with any trade he understands that the best is not necessarily the most expensive, the key, rather, is knowing the right person to go to.   

Insurance Claims

What do I do if my antique(s) gets damaged?

In a situation where your antique has suffered damaged you need a strong advocate. It can be helpful at the time of loss to enlist someone who has experience dealing with insurance adjusters. The insurance industry inherently has a lack of empathy when it comes to fully appreciating your family’s heirlooms. Acquiring a restoration or replacement can be challenging. Jay has a proven track record working in concord with both the insured and adjuster to ensure the property is satisfactorily restored and the insured is “made whole.”

Past clients include museums, societies, business owners and individuals.