Sorting the Estate

Dealing with a person's estate (the contents and collections someone has amassed over a lifetime) can be overwhelming, particularly when the deceased is a loved one.  The process involves making challenging decisions and valuations of everything from the dining room table to a collection of family silver. 

Recently, a childhood friend of my father’s passed away at age 84. He had spent decades collecting furniture, china, silver, glass, paintings, and jewelry.  His 3,500 square foot home contained not only these collections but also the stuff we all have in our homes, pots and pans, clothing, and Christmas ornaments.

As most of us would be in this situation, the executor was overwhelmed by the daunting task of sorting through this material. The hardest thing to do when faced with an estate to dissolve is to figure out the first step. 

When I approach an estate liquidation I bring 25 years of expertise in evaluating and recommending the most likely and appropriate venue for selling content, either in a fine art auction, estate sale on the property, or via a liquidator.  My experience and knowledge of market trends enables me to quickly and accurately categorize content to identify the best approach to sell every item. 

Understanding and respecting the emotional, financial, and logistical complexity of a situation like this one is a priority of mine. If you’ve found yourself responsible for the management of an estate and would like to discuss possible first steps I am available for a free consultation