Conservation Questions Answered

One of the components of my work involves evaluating the condition of art and antiques for my customers. Understanding best practices and current trends in the conservation field requires expertise.  Clients both in and out of the trade can be overwhelmed by the complexity of conservation and preservation work, specifically for works on paper, watercolor, and gouache. 

Over decades I have developed connections with a range of professionals in the New England region whom I recommend based on the needs of the client and the issues indicate in the object. 

Recently a customer brought this mixed media work by Walter King Stone to my attention in the hopes I might recommend possible next steps to save a damaged object.  As you can see in the photos the work had what appeared to be a splash of coffee stain in the foreground.

Work on paper by Walter King Stone before conservation treatment. 

I identified the appropriate expert for this job paying particular attention to what was appropriate based on its condition and value. We successfully mediated the stain and saved the $1,000 painting with a treatment that cost less than $150. 

If you have works of art with damage or condition issues feel free to send me an image either by text or email and Iā€™d be happy to work with you to identify the appropriate treatment plan to fit both the object and your expectations.